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Vision Smartphone Passthrough Glasses

3D printed wearable Google Cardboard style glasses for use with smartphone.

Currently compatible with WebXR (WebVR), Aframe, Google Cardboard. Fits the iPhone 11, X or any phone of similar dimension (~5.95" by ~2.95" by ~0.35"). I am currently using Google Mediapipe and Tensorflow for the hand tracking computer vision and Three.js for rendering. The goal is to create essentially a cheap Hololens using just a smartphone, a 3D printed part, and computer vision. The website is at and the Github repo is here.

I post regular updates to my Twitter @i0nif.

vision demo

My friend, Jas, and I created dead x/), which allowed you to take a picture of yourself with your webcam and we would send you an email back with a 3D rigged model of you. We used the PiFuHD model and Blender to do the rigging. The Github repo is here.

rigme pipeline

Kodi (XBMC)

I was accepted to Google Summer of Code @ Kodi(XBMC). My mentor, Razzee, and I spent the summer writing a new web interface for Kodi in Elm called elm-chorus. Elm-chorus supports live playback and organization of media over web sockets using the JSON-RPC API. The Medium reflection I wrote is here and the Github repo is here.

vision demo

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